Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a light touch consisting of five grams of pressure. It is a modality that seeks to locate and treat restrictions in the connective tissue. The body’s cranial sacral system manufactures cerebral spinal fluid, flowing from the brain and spinal cord. As with the body’s breathing and heart rates, its rhythm is separate and distinct. Cranial sacral therapy locates that rhythm or identifies obstructions to that rhythm. By treating those areas, we are treating the sources of problems rather than just the symptoms.

This can be a powerful treatment even though it is a light touch it can feel very deep.  The lasting effect from CST often is longer than with other massage modalities.  The best aspect of CST is how it can release long held restrictions in the head and neck that are often causing headaches or loss of range of motion in the head/neck area. The cranial vault hold or stillpoint assist in resetting the central nervous system.  Giving the body a fresh start.  Just like jumping into cold water can reset our systems and improve our immune function, so can CST achieve this.


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